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New Hx2 Styles from Heelys



Heelys announced that it will offer four new styles of its Hx2 product for children, tweens and teens, as well as expand its lineup to also offer styles in Mom’s size. The new styles and sizes will arrive in the Heelys Shop and in stores by mid-November, just in time for the Holiday season. Heelys Hx2 has two removable wheels in each shoe making it ideal for younger wearers and wearers new to the experience. Similar to training wheels for a bicycle, Heelys Hx2’s second wheel makes it easier for wearers to maintain balance, helping them get the hang of it more quickly. Once they have mastered it, the Hx2 can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys by removing one of the wheels. Or, wearers can pop out both wheels to convert the pair to regular street shoes.


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