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Archive for October, 2010

Kinder Aggugini Capsule Collection Series


Macy’s announced a new fashion initiative that will engage acclaimed fashion designers to create a series of rotating collections for the retailer’s contemporary fashion “Impulse” department. Launching in February 2011 and continuing through the year, a new designer capsule will rotate onto the floor approximately every two months and will offer limited-edition women’s apparel pieces to be sold in 235 Macy’s stores and on Kinder Aggugini, a London-based designer who has worked with fashion icons and design houses including John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Costume National and Versace, will be the designer to inaugurate Macy’s international capsule collection series in February 2011 with a line that captures his covetable rocker-chic aesthetic.


New Hx2 Styles from Heelys


Heelys announced that it will offer four new styles of its Hx2 product for children, tweens and teens, as well as expand its lineup to also offer styles in Mom’s size. The new styles and sizes will arrive in the Heelys Shop and in stores by mid-November, just in time for the Holiday season. Heelys Hx2 has two removable wheels in each shoe making it ideal for younger wearers and wearers new to the experience. Similar to training wheels for a bicycle, Heelys Hx2’s second wheel makes it easier for wearers to maintain balance, helping them get the hang of it more quickly. Once they have mastered it, the Hx2 can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys by removing one of the wheels. Or, wearers can pop out both wheels to convert the pair to regular street shoes.


Voyage d’Hermès Fragrance


The Voyage d’Hermès is the latest from perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and the bottle was designed by Philippe Mouquet. Voyage d’Hermès is available in 35 and 100 ml refillable Eau de Toilette spray and in 125 ml refills. Voyage d’Hermès features MWV’s patented fragrance system including MWV’s NoC® Dip Tube and a threaded ferrule for the Melodie® Pump. The packaging created for the Voyage d’Hermès fragrance also fits into an ongoing consumer trend of wanting to buy packaging that is environmentally responsible.


Amelia Toro’s Hispanic Heritage Collection


Amelia Toro presented her new ethnically inspired Fall Collection at Portland Fashion Week as part of the National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. This Hispanic heritage collection is based on love and commitment to the Hispanic culture. For example, the Kuna Indians, isolated residents from “El Darien,” the border zone between Colombia and Panama, have created a technique in cotton based on hand-sewn quilting and layering of fabric, known as the “mola.” The most important elements surrounding the Kuna Indians are represented in the mola using motifs such as animals and geometric figures. Toro’s fashion house integrates the molas with natural fiber fabrics such as wool, silk and crepé to sustain their cultural heritage.

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Disney Store’s new Rapunzel Costume


Disney Store’s new Rapunzel costume inspired by Disney’s upcoming film “Tangled,” features a violet gown that transforms little girls into maidens with super-long golden hair – just by adding on the accompanying 3-foot-long wig and crown. The storybook costume features a laced satin bodice with delicate glitter details around the bottom of the organza skirt.